Yep I’m Plus size woman! You heard me right! I said it. I. A.M. F.A.T.! What you gonna do about it?

We live in a world where fat is bad word. It’s used as an insult. We say it when we’re judging someone else. We say it when we’re judging ourselves. An opinion about what being fat really means. For me, since this is my article, fat is simply a descriptor of a person. I’ve been fat pretty much my whole life. I was plus size woman. But I played softball. I walked home from school. I rode my bike all over the neighborhood with my friends. I was fat. I knew it. But it didn’t stop me from being awesome!

dating bbw singlesWhy? Because I didn’t care that I was overweight! I was just me! I chase toddlers, walk miles and miles, and execute events that require hours of standing, walking, and lifting. I am strong. I am capable. I am beautiful and I am fat(overweight)! Every single one of them hated how fat they were. Why can’t you just love yourself the way you are? Why are we always attempting to change our appearance? Who are we trying to please?  I can’t seem to go below this size. I never have! And honestly I probably won’t. Why’s that? Because I’m fat! I’m just a plus size woman.

I can buy clothes that make me look beautiful. I can look at myself and feel good in what I choose to wear. I can present myself as someone who is confident, strong, and worthwhile. That’s on me.  Because I have given you the descriptors to use for me by who I told you I am.

If you go into any social situation being apologetic that the word fat is your descriptor, then they are going to describe you in this way! Because that is what society tells them to do. That is what you are telling them to believe of you! What you believe about yourself is who people will believe you are! I choose to surround myself with people who love BBW couple. I choose to project my beauty and strength. I choose to feel beautiful even if I don’t look the same as societies view of beauty. That’s on me! I Choose BBW couple! And that’s should be enough!


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