Why Do Women Like Dating BHM(Big Handsome Men)

It is difficult to cater for all tastes. Some women like slim guys, but some girls like BHM. If you are a BBW, BHM or bbw admirer, you can know the meaning of BHM. BHM is the acronym of Big Handsome Men(Man). In other words, BHM stand for chubby men or fat men.

Do you know why some women like BHM? Check these following tips and find these reasons.

1. BHM Are comfortable to hug

With curvy body, big men are comfortable to hug. They think BHM have sense of security. If you are one of bhm lovers, you can know the feeling. But some people may want to ask that it is worm in winter, but what’s the feeling hugging BHM in summer? BHM are literally hot. BHM know they are human radiator, so they understand that we have to love him from afar until the AC kicks in.

2. BHM are nicer than the Athletic Men

Not all women like athletic men or slim men. There are a lot of women like curvy men with soft bodies. Fat guys are usually considered to be nicer and sometimes women just want a nice guy. He may be fat, but looks don’t always matter. A plus size guy has a personality that is more attractive than anything else.

3. BHM have same topics with bbw

For big beautiful women, they would love to find BHM as life partners. Because, they have same topics and interests, such as foods, exercise, travel, etc. If you are curvy woman, you will find more same interests with your chubby man.

4. BHM are good at cooking

Most bhm can cook and love cooking. If you date with a chubby man, you will taste many different kinds of delicious food. Because, they are interested in delicious food. There are a lot of cooks are BHM. They want to develop his stomach size, They are satisfied with so tasty, home cooked meal.

5. BHM never push their partner lose weight

If you are an overweight woman, you will never worry your big man push you lose weight. You can keep your weight as you like. BHM do not have more opinion about their bbw women’s weight.

6. Some BHM are humorous

Many BHM like talking some jokes with their girls. They are easier happy than slim or athlete men. If you are together with them, you will feel happy and relax. Others think they deserve to date a thin and conventionally attractive woman like preschoolers think they deserve soccer participation trophies.

7. BHM are patient

If you go clothing store, you can go with your big man. He is very patient and he understand when you complain that you can’t find suitable clothes. Sometimes, BHM can help bbw find the right clothing shop and choose most suitable dress.

As it said above, many women especially most of big beautiful women prefer to date BHM. If you are one of these BHM lovers, you can check the beautiful dating site: BBW Couple, and find your perfect BHM partner.


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