I’m overweight, But That Doesn’t Mean I Should Have To Lower My Dating Standards

Let's be honest: Online dating sucks.  Not everyone has world-renowned house-training. This contempt for bigger bodies, and the fact that bigger women are expected to give up all choice in terms of the people they love, date, marry and befriend because of an extra roll or two is compounded with a culture of misogyny and sexual violence.


If you want improve your dating standards, at least, you should choose a good dating web for yourself. Here are many dating sites when you search, but choose what fits you, like BBW couple. Then choose the partner who you like. The joys of picking and choosing partners — as well as sexual and intimate situations — should be something every woman, fat or otherwise, should feel free to take part in. But overweight women are considered burdens, embarrassing, gross, disgusting, lazy and ugly. These preferences don't necessarily determine how good a person is, or how well he or she will treat me. Regardless, overweight women are entitled to their preferences, just like you are entitled to yours.


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