Why Are Fat Women Not Happy?

Most of the fat people especially some fat women consider that they are still single because they are fat. So, they lose confidence and dare not go out. However, it is not really the truth. Fat women are popular among many men now. A lot of men and big men like dating fat women. However, there are still some fat women are looked down upon by some people.

Think about all those times guys have called you "sweetheart" with that insufferable little smile, or heavily hinted at the fact you didn't look pretty enough for a certain job. It's the exact same feeling.

It's not just fat people at work and also sad dating life that like to remind fat people's size. When you're used to being able to walk into any store and find something you can try on without worrying about busting some expensive seams, it may not occur to you that not all your friends fit in — literally. So before you invite your fat friends out clothes shopping, be mindful of where you're bringing her or him.

Just face the fact that you are a fat woman. You will be familiar with your plus size body. You won't know how many skinny girls admire your perfect body.

When fat people are eating, they may think other skinny people who make comments like this are, best case scenario, trying to help me eat healthier. But even when fat people look at the brightest possible side, there are a number of issues — chief among them being that they don't actually ask for help.

But it's like the advice fat people always get about bad dating partners: you can't change someone who doesn't see an issue with their actions yet. 

So, do not pay much attention to these people. Just be yourself. So in the meantime, I'm just trying to focus on loving me and keeping my head above water. The simple way to be happy is that you just ignore these people. Do you want to know how to be more confident?  Just check the link, you will know more details. 


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