Big Girls or Skinny Women, Which Girls Do Men Prefer?

Do you like big girls or skinny girls? Why do you like these girls? Different people have different choice. Here are some discussion about men why choose big girls or skinny women. There is no right answer here because every man is different. Whether he goes for curvy or skinny women is a matter of what appeals to him.

No Two Preferences Are Alike

A man is no different from a woman when it comes to imagination. A woman may daydream about meeting a tall dark stranger, or a big strong handsome guy. A man has a certain ideal woman in his mind and when he daydreams about having a woman fall for him, he knows just what she is going to look like.

If he likes a woman with spectacular looks, he'll imagine a big girl. If the thin willowy look appeals to him, he's going to imagine a skinny woman. But in truth when it comes to actually meeting and dating a woman, neither extremely curvy or skinny women will be on his radar.

Men Do Think Ahead

Men are nothing else if not realists and they understand that any woman who goes to an extreme with her appearance may do that with other parts of her life as well. In the back of his mind, he's going to wonder how he will measure up when he's out with her.

A beautiful big girl will draw lots of looks and so will the man who is with her. he'll be asking himself if she's really taking care of herself. This could become a sore point if he's the type of guy who works out and takes his health seriously.

That can be fun at first, but is he always going to want to play second fiddle to her leading role. And he may feel the pressure of dressing the part as well.

The Advantage Of "Average" Women

That's why for most men, the average looking woman who takes good care of herself is going to be the perfect choice. And isn't that most of us? You can make yourself even more attractive in a man's eyes if you have a nice personality to go along with everything else. 

Although he may like the look of curvy or skinny women, when it comes right down to it, the type of woman he wants to be with is not necessarily going to be the woman in his imagination.

So, if you are a big girl, you need accept the fact that most men really like skinny women. However, there are still some men Who are really addicted to big girls. They want to make friends, date even marry these big girls.

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